Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring spring spring

It sprig time get ready for.... FLORALS!! Florals are great because they can be used in so many different ways. I love matching a floral bottom with a black it dark colored bazer. This makes the colors really pop and totally springs up your outfit. And if you can't find florals then butterflies can work just as well.

Get ready for spring!

Lily balloonsandbikes@gmail.com

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My own little touch!

So every one asks me how I make my outfits individual. Well I'm gonna to you! So Im not much of a seamstress So in not super into making my own clothes but There's nothing wrong with sewing a patch onto your boring white shirt! Also in the picture bellow I've replaced my laces with ribbon! It's so easy! There are endless possibilities of what you can do and there's nothing wrong with taking a risk... And failing....

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Critical life skills!!

Hello! Every day when I do stuff with my mom she always says "life skill!" Then tells me one. So I've though of a fashion life skill. What to wear in your hair according to your hair color!

Always wear hair accessories that match your hair color
Brown- white, black, or light colors
Blond- light colors, black
Red- anything :)!

If you want more life tips email me!

<3 Lily

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wardrobe (Finally)

Good morning my daffodils! So as promised today Im blogging about my wardrobe but.... Im in Miami now so i only have my favorite worm cloth... but thats ok right!? Ya so hear they are!
1. Sweater
Its really thick and loose great to through over shorts
2. Cotten shirts
They are both 100% cotton and really thin, but good
for walking around
3. Lace tops
Both are worn with a tank or bathing suit underneath
and great for a day at the beach (white shirt is from

Top and bottom are both really short but great with a
tank tucked in. And flowed and soft
(Middle below)
This is a fitted skirt with tinny pockets on the front and
back, and grab for a formal summer dinner.

Im really into jean shorts and these are my 2 favorite. The top
one is beaded on the pockets and the belt hole things and I
Think it adds a nice touch.
The bottom one is bleach washed. I always buy mine already
washed but i do know some people who do it them selfs.
I love colored bathing suits (especially print) and ya.....

<3 Lily 

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Good morning my sunshines. I have seen a lot of these shirts and only some people can pull them off. One girl i saw wearing it and I was amazed. Not only was she taking a risk wearing it but she was rocking it! So today I'm going to talk to you on how to take risks but not look crazy (well not to crazy :) So when your trying something new you always want to take precaution. Don't just jump in think about it first. Like when ever I'm trying a new big necklace I always wear a white shirt, this dose not only compliment the shirt but it dose not give your look a to busy sense. SO when trying something new you can always wear a solid color around it. And trust me this is a tip you'll want to remember :)

take care
<3 Lily

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Moncler Fashion Show

Hello my sugar plums. So a few weeks ago i attended the moncler fashion show, and let me just tell you it was fabulous. for those of you who don't know moncler is a high-end jacket company with amazing style. One of my favorite style of theirs is their puffy sectioned black jackets. you've probably seen their logo to (the image bellow). So at the fashion show the hole inspiration was the colosseum when you first entered the room your surrounded by people wearing the jackets and ski goggles. i felt like it almost took you to another world. so the models were like the audience surrounding you and you were in the middle. also the music was crazing you could feel the beet shaking the ground, it was amazing. Thank you so much for taking me (you know who you are) and Im so grateful!

stay fresh!
<3 Lily 
(and yes i will do my wardrobe soon don't worry):)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Getting into it!

Ive realized that I've never actually gone into an outfit and like pick it apart telling you whats good and bad about it. Sooooooo thats what in doing today! YAY!

Okay so in the picture above this girl (Apple) is wearing a shear collard shirt with a thin black bow and a tank top underneath. this look is pretty simple and i like to think very vintage. I've been looking around and i see a lot of people wearing vintageish stuff but most people are trying to hard. to pull off this look you just have to tie a bow around a shirt and your done!

This shirt was bought at Forever 21

Ok let me just tell you that I LOVE this sweater. its super soft and has hearts on it! what could be better!? Also its great because you can wear it with a collard shirt under it or not. And its really hard to find a swearer that looks good both ways!

Thanks for reading!
<3 Lily